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Lightworkers, Teachers, Readers, Musicians, Astrologers, Motivational Speakers, Meta-Entertainers, High Frequency Sustainable Products, Holistic Healers, Jewelry Designer & Crystals Workers, Earth Homes, Retreats, Spas, and “Sacred Sites”!

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The word Meta has several meanings; 1) More comprehensive; transforming. 2) Integrating “new” related disciplines to the old ones. Key words: among, beyond, change and transformation. Metaphysics is the study of many different topics but they all revolve around the core question of what we are and what our purpose is.

We use the term Meta-Mall as a description of people and things that exceed the “normal” or mundane world.  Referring to the Metaphysical that is seeing things through a “Higher Perspective” ~ that is what our intention is for the Meta-Mall Directory!

Each section (House) relates to the subject you click on. We are in process of designing the NEW DIRECTORY here and hope to have it activated very soon!

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