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Hello!  Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Shirley Orlich. My spiritual name is Christara and is the name I prefer to be called. The name Christara was given to me several years ago in a meditative state, by Archangel Michael. It means a connector of heaven and earth. For over eleven years, I had been asking deeply for a spiritual name that further clarified my purpose on earth and made my heart sing! As I first wrote the name Christara on a piece of paper, a rainbow came through a nearby crystal window and shone its brilliant colors over my hand. I gratefully KNEW my request had been granted!

Quantum Angel Network was born from that “merging heaven and earth” meditation. It is my deepest privilege and passion to take part in creating “a world that works for all equally”! A place where everyone on our Beloved Mother Earth feels valued, honored, supported, respected and loved. It is a glorious place where each of us can fully express our unique talents and gifts for the highest good of all! Working together in “WIN/WIN” ways creates a wondrous new way of living and being!

Today, life is an ongoing spiritual odyssey calling to each of us to “be all we can be” on every level! I celebrate life… in all its challenges, miracles and glory, to the best of my ability, in every NOW moment and I honor you for doing the same!

With great pleasure I share on this website some of what I have learned on my journey, trusting it may also be of value to others. This website is lovingly created as a living “Divine Smorgasbord of Inspirational Connections”. It is designed to be an ever-changing and expanding website, so please come back and visit us often, partaking of what is offered wherever your heart guides you to explore and bless the rest!

With abundant blessings and much love…


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