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About Star

To avoid confusion, we offer a point of clarification. Star Alexander is actually BOTH of us.  In 1986 we were married, in Colorado and received our name …

He/She became WE …“The Two shall be as One”  … We are Star

 Star Savoy-Star AlexanderLady Star Alexander & her husband Star Alexander (Magician) lived and worked for more than 15 years in Las Vegas, NV. Among her many accomplishments, Lady Star participated as a published monthly astrologer/writer and columnist for “In-Light Times Magazine” publication for two years. Known as “The Las Vegas Opti-Mystic“, and a highly featured reader, speaker, and mystic/psychic at many events; for executive private parties, fairs, conventions and Grand Gala openings. Lady Star also worked at a wonderful little shop called “Angels Insight” as a reader/counselor and she and her husband are co-founders of QuantumAngel.net which was born from the connection with amazing and wonderful people in LV that continues to this day.

March 20, 2019 was an exciting time for the Spring Equinox ~ here’s a sample of the energies at work! https://quantumangel.net/spring-equinox-2019/


Star Alexander (Edu-tainer) and performer, he continues to provide special magic to all his venues! He created The M.A.G.I.C. Program (Mastering Attitude Generates Increased Confidence) and shares it in schools and groups.

Magic by Star Alexander

The M.A.G.I.C. Program is built around two basic sentiments, 1) You can do almost anything you put your mind to, and 2) Things are not always as they seem. So much depends on one’s attitude! The art of magic is a powerful tool in providing illustrations for the 8 major ‘keys’ discussed in the program that unlock or open their corresponding ‘attitudes’.



 Star Savoy Alexander

 “As a professional Astrologer & Intuitive I also offer my interpretations that provides a much deeper meaning of your life’s path. I want to work with you to have an understanding of your strength & weakness, challenges & gifts of your personal journey. It is my honor to serve in anyway possible to assist in the evolvement of our World.”  Namaste’ – Star Savoy Alexander 



Quantum Angel Network is still a working vision and we are continuing on with the dream! So glad we met Christara while we lived in Las Vegas, it sure proved to us that Angels live among us!! This photo is with one of a fantastic Teacher/Speaker and Way-Shower, Patricia Cota Robles.

Patricia-Cota-Robles group

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