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Thank you for visiting this Meta-Mall Directory page, we are still in process of adding links that will be relevant to our Quantum Angel Network. Please feel free to email us your site for us to look at and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Love *Star Team

Members of this Directory will have a custom made banner with company logo or photo. Please submit artwork or ideas for this to flow easily for our readers!

We would love your opinion for this page. Do you prefer a banner (400×90 pixels)  or a business card (300×176 pixels) style directory?? We really appreciate your impressions and comments. Thank you. * star@quantumangel.net

Quantum Angel Network

Lady Star Journey Through the Zodiac E-book We create a custom web page which  includes a banner on the Membership Directory and the 1 yr. hosting plan for $99 is FREE and links to your webpage.

Magic by Star AlexanderAd your Business card to the  Membership Directory for only  $99 1 yr. and it links directly to your website!

Need a business card designed or a webpage?


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