• "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

Spring Equinox 2019

Welcome to this Spring Equinox March 20, 2019 Gathering

with this SUPER FULL MOON in Libra, and the SUN entering into Aries!

By Astrologer Lady Star Savoy

Here are some current highlights going on:

Mercury the planet of communication is in Pisces retrogradeuntil around the 28thwhen it starts direct. This is an excellent time to “go back” to what you know, TRUST your instincts and take some valuable self-healing time. It’s important to listen, but there’s an over abundance of thinking (opposite sign Virgo) during this period that may get in the way of what you truly “want” to express. Ask yourself “How does it serve … to NOT follow your heart, to find lots of excuses WHY you can’t do something NOW, and blah, blah, blah! Excuses, over Virgolizing! Do you see the pattern?

Time to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, happens once every 12 years ~ what were you doing 12 years ago? This is a time when many will express a self righteous judgement, thinking they know the “right” way to do … whatever! There will be drastic upheavals in governments, with our currency and leadership. When the student is ready, the teacher appears ~ quick learning curve happening, especially in the tech world. Another area is, religions are under the microscope and testing “belief” systems. Exciting solutions for environmental issues are forefront ~ listen to voices of the young ones, they are here with new “ideals & values” coming forth. We’re reaching for the stars (see SpaceX) opening to what IS possible (look at the young ones with their special “powers”) and optimistic about the future. The caution might be over reaching but Capricorn energies should keep us fairly grounded! Also, getting that “degree” for accomplishments, helps uplift one’s attitude!

Capricorns (Earth sign)are sure in for some changes, and they don’t like change much (unless of course they’re already the Masters!)! Pluto (transformation) is 22 degrees, which is a Master number! Saturn(Task Master; where we develop our wisdom and face our fears) is 19 degrees and theSouth Node (debt to humanity) is 24 degrees. The 6thhouse is work, service and health ~ so there’s lots of focus on healing, working the “gardens” for good food and assimilating information that we receive! How we “process” affects our health on so many levels, and there’s keen observation skills available now.

The opposite sign of Capricorn is Cancer (nurturing others)and there is the North Node (Destiny, what we’re here to accomplish) it sits in the 12thhouse. Our DESTINY is to feed the poor, feed the soul, feed the World with unconditional LOVE. Now, there’s something to meditate on, the Master Christ energy is …“to LOVE one another as I have loved you.”

Part of Fortune and Venus (love nature) are sitting in the 7thhouse(relationships)inAquarius (lover of freedom)and what FUN that can be! The FREEDOM of the Goddess and all her partnerships. We can see the women of power and determination coming in strong! We support each other at deeper levels now, this is, after all, the meaning of the Age of Aquarius! There are many men that are completely comfortable with their inner Goddess and we LOVE and HONOR them for that! So, the need for freedom in relationship and expressing NEW ways to live in relationships will be the theme. Make your own rules or none!

Now, lets look at the 8thhousewith Neptune (Spiritual or confused view) sitting there in conjunction with Mercury, within 2 degrees of each other! Communication with our Higher Self, Guides & Angels telepathically sharing whatever it is that we need to know or feel. What a powerful time to communicate with those that have passed away or receive “dreams” that have meaning.

Welcome Sun in Aries, excited little Fire sign, sitting right next to Chiron(the wounded healer) 1 degree in Aries. This must be a conversation about YOU and honoring your Divine Self! The 8thhouse represents a “death & dying” energy … the old self dying and the rebirth of the true Self! How exciting, it reminds me of the caterpillar preparing for something NEW and not being able to relate or understand, yet! We are learning to honor and respect who we are.

This LIBRA axis with ARIES is about “centering our selves in balance” rather than being “self-centered”! It is ME – WE in harmony, in BALANCE. It is being comfortable with our female/male bodies and energies.

Super Full Moon 2 degrees of Libra, is conjunct the Super Galactic Center. This is the “power point for HEALING” (see more: Philip Sedgwick astrologer) This is a powerful time to align with Higher energies, especially in ALL personal RELATIONSHIPS. This can/will be the emotional connection with others and this Moon shines the light on these interactions. This energy squares a possible conflict or challenge with Mars in Taurus, that doesn’t like change and Venus in Aquarius, that needs freedom for a continuation. The big question is “Where is our partnership going, and is it working for each of us?”

In addition the planet Uranus(radical change) just entering the sign of Taurus (Earth sign) for a long stay ~ and Mars in Taurus which could indicate weather changes. This will also bring more issues about saving the Planet, EcoGreen, simplicity in lifestyles with a grounded practicality, and MUSIC to a new level. These are all necessary for the next level of our evolvement, the young ones SPEAKING OUT the truth, as they see it. Taurus has been said to be stubborn and taking a stand in what it believes in … however, if we choose to see this as DETERMINATION we can appreciate the gifts here.

It is a TIME of Ushering in a NEW Era. This requires us to let go of what no longer serves and have increase the AWARENESS of our actions. To take RESPONSIBILITY without blaming anyone. So Be It! Welcome Peace Makers”.

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