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Liliana Schena


Liliana Schena

My name is Liliana Schena. I was born in Medellin, Colombia to a family of gifted seers and psychics.  I am a very sensitive empath which allows me to understand what all of life is feeling. In 1995 I began in depth Shamanic Studies with a shaman that lived in Orcas Island. Later she transcended into Buddhism and in 2005, I became a Buddhist Monk. I spent 21 years studying with this Enlightened Teacher. In 2015, I left the monastery and started to pursue my Angelic Reiki studies. Christine Core who is the originator of Angelic Reiki, recommends me as a bilingual teacher.

My intent in working with you is Pure. I pray for the Highest and Best of all concerned in all of my healings. I am not affiliated to any religion. I am just an empty vessel for the Light to work through me.



“I am a starseed and I was born psychic”. 

Liliana-Reiki Shaman

List of services/sessions available:

My services are Angelic Reiki Healings that can be done long distance. It takes 1 hour: twenty minutes initial consultation, twenty minutes healing, twenty minutes discussion. I channel the Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Masters and/or Galactic Beings to accomplish this. The fee is $100.00

I also speak Light Language. People also know it as the Language of the stars or speaking in tongues. I will give that at $1 per minute, since it is different for everyone else. It includes DNA activations and sometimes removal of energies. It connects you to the Higher Dimensions and redirects the flow of energies to the best possible outcome.

I also help with Ascension Support. Email me for specifics.

Additionally, I do Sound Healing sessions with my set of crystal singing bowls, drums, rattles, bells and sometimes didgeridoo ( if my husband is available) Those are $25 for half hour. $50 an hour. I can do Skype sessions with those.

Oracle card readings $20.00

I am an Angel Reiki Master Teacher and I offer classes at $225 per student and I need at least four students per class.

Call or email me if you have questions about your specific areas of concern or interests. You might want to book your session ASAP, dates are filling up fast. Payment by check, M.O. and PayPal.

Cell number: (509) 675 8607 or email lschena@q.com

Blessings children of the Light. May you all find your greatness, your love, your healing. May you all find peace and happiness. May your every thought be blessed. May we all come to live our heaven on earth realities!!!”


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