Journey To High Places

Shirley (Christara) Ruiz-Orlich



As we evolve, life offers each of us “turning points”

those moments of choice that forever alter the course of our lives…

After a plane crash on Mt. Shasta California claimed the life of her youngest son, Shirley Ruiz found herself deeply questioning the purpose and meaning of her life. She chose to leave a prestigious job and embarked on a “journey of the heart”, a spiritual odyssey that led her to many teachers, provided her with an abundance of tools and urged her to travel to the four corners of the world in her quest.

Profoundly moving and inspiring, Journey to High Places takes you through many of life’s crossroads. Fully felt tears and laughter merge into a joyous celebration of deep spiritual awakening.

Journey to High Places is timeless, for everyone ready to view the events of their life with an open mind and a loving heart too.

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“As a lifelong friend of Shirley Ruiz, I silently observed a mother with a BLEEDING HEART walk her path of ‘unwanted grief’ with tears and courage. Shirley was determined to make her son Bobby’s life continue to have meaning and, ‘live on and radiate’ as she infused her journey of healing with JOY and LOVE! Ultimately this commitment became the book “Journey to High Places”.

“Both the book and the audio version are an inspiration! They are highly recommended for anyone who has lost a loved one and wants to bring meaning and purpose back into their life…. Uplifting!  It is beautifully written and now, produced and orchestrated into a magical audio book…. A MUST READ!!! A MUST LISTEN!!” Kathryn Davi-Cardinale, Grief Counselor, Martinez CA USA

“Your book was greatly inspiring for me at a time when I needed a boost. Now as an audio book it will be there for many others. Congratulations to you.”  Joe Carlson

“…compelling, riveting and heart warming… dynamic and healing!” — Frank Veruzco, Aptos, CA USA

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