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kseniya-simonova-ukraines-got-talent-sand-animationKseniya Simonova has a very unique talent. She’s a sand animator, something she started doing when her business collapsed because of the current credit crunch. Using her hands, she quickly forms stunning visuals that tell vivid stories. At first she started drawing in the sand at the beach, but less than a year later, her life changed. She entered Ukraine’s Got Talent and blew audiences away with her amazing sand animation performances. The exposure she’s received after winning the 2009 Ukraine’s Got Talent TV show has helped the young artist, born in 1985, build a new career out of her art.


Unique and extraordinary “Soul Portraits” by Keith Alexander Parker

What is Visionary Attunement?


“For me, the process is the act of entering into a conscious resonance with the object of my attention, and opening my awareness to specific energy impressions, while using the mind’s inner vision, to translate that energy experience into mental/sensory imagery – a vision. For the person who receives the experience, it is both a unique piece of art, and a tool for self awareness. Essentially, it is my higher mind’s automatic translation of light/energy impressions from your soul into symbolic imagery which I draw and paint in a circle on a square panel, (or draw & paint in a digital format), along with offering guidance in its interactive use.”

Game of Soul Play

Keith is and has been a dear friend and “brother” since the 1980’s. We’ve witnessed countless expressions of wonder and joy with each person that had this rare special gift of a session with the “Master” of symbology. His interpretations are revealing and always insightful! A soul inspired vision that’s made into a painting just for you. We are so pleased to share Keith Alexander Parker with you, make appointments early, for this most unique portrait. The schedule is filling up fast. Love *Star*.  Order your special “Soul Portrait” now! 



DanielB-HolemanDaniel B. Holeman

His Web Site is a special world to explore and enjoy – a Domain of Beauty, Insight, Transformation and Awakening. In addition to the artwork, Awaken Visions is a haven for truth seekers, consciousness explorers and all who know, don’t know, or want to know what it’s all about. Born and raised in San Jose, Daniel currently resides in San Rafael, California and is working on a new series of inspiring abstract oil paintings. www.AwakenVisions.com

artist: Daniel Holeman

Daniel B. Holeman

 angelheart-DanielB-Holeman constellationrainbow-Daniel B. Holemanwww.AwakenVisions.com  


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